Mitsubishi Mirage Rolling in the U.S.


Sources: Caranddriver

Author: Donny Apriliananda

New York, KompasOtomotif – Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is very confident with the Mirage. Once comfortable in Asia, the U.S. market’s turn to be explored. Most rapid November 2013, having first made ​​his debut at the Detroit Motor Show in January. As reported by Car and Drive , on Friday (28/12), the news was leaked from one of the U.S. Mitsubishi staff after taking documents from the California Air Resources Board (CARB ). Cars there really should pass the emissions test used and licensed by CARB to be diniagakan. Well, in that document plastered Mirage name, though the staff is still trying to cover up and just say that the new model will come in the category of Global Small Car.spite of the use of the name Mirage or later, a clear specification would be similar to that marketed variants Europe and Asia . Using a three-cylinder engine of 1200 cc naturally aspirated which claimed more efficient and not noisy. Strength is not big, only to 79 PS. Mirage engine will be the third in the U.S. three cylinders after Smart and Ford Fiesta. remains to be seen what will be done breakthrough Mitsubishi on U.S. spec Mirage. If you only rely on the standard engine, is likely to be rarely glimpsed since most U.S. communities rather fierce machine. Even so, there is still the possibility of a turbocharged Ralliart version of the three-cylinder engine will make more barking.
Sources: Caranddriver

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Police Prepare For Special Sensor System Success Odd-Even

Pandu Triyuda – detikOto (Foto detikOto)

Jakarta  – System odd-even restriction of vehicles will be held in March 2013.Supervision system uses Electronics Traffic Law Enforcement (ELTE) in which there will be an electronic sensor that determines whether the number of vehicles passing odd or even. “problem is not just CCTV but there is a system. So there is a sensor that can capture this kind of code that captures the bizarre What is even, “said Dirlantas City Police Commissioner Pol Chryshnanda Dwilaksana after attending the event ‘A thousand police Gebyar Mix’ at Gandaria City, Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda, South Jakarta, Monday (12/17/2012). When asked whether it was necessary to make the difference in color between odd-numbered plates and even numbered, Chryshnanda said pembedaaan paint was too simple. “If I say replace the paint, sorry too simple,” he said. Chryshnanda said electronic sensor system is then no longer need to plate the color difference between the even and odd. “That’s when the electronics are not only with color but with electronic sensors,” he said. Chryshnanda said police will set up an electronic data collection and the identity of the motor vehicle. “I also prepared that TMC will be coordinating communication control command center,” he said. Chryshnanda said, the most important is the change in mindset of people want to use public transport. “The most important thing is actually not odd-MoU was signed, the most important is how we learn to use public transportation, because the congestion is severe. Whether we want to remain silent?” he said. Chryshnanda admitted, to apply a new pattern may not necessarily be immediate. Need to set up the infrastructure, human resources and people for surveillance. “The system should also be the rule of law, is a common thread,” he said. Provincial Police and the Transportation Department will Effortless Systems Realizes Odd-Even Systems restriction nopol vehicles with odd-even system will soon be implemented in March 2013. Currently a team of City Police and Department of Transportation are working hard to formulate a system to overcome these bottlenecks.“This team is working hard to implement the system,” said Metro Jaya Police Chief Inspector General Putut Bayu Ekoseno the same place. Putut said the results of the team’s discussion Ditlantas Affair Jakarta Police also will be presented in front of the Governor Jokowi and also himself. “I have not received the report,” he said. Putut said the team will prepare for the law enforcement, socialization and supervision. “I’ll let that speak of technical Dirlantas bagiamana,” he said. Gaza-lane road that will be applied to the odd-even system are: 1.Three in one corridor in force along the Blok M to Kota. Gatot Subroto and Jalan Jalan Rasuna Said. 2. A number of east-west corridor through which the bus TransJ of Pinang Ranti-Pluit. 3. Jalan Sultan Agung of Rubber-Manggarai continued to Scout Road. 4. Jalan Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan and Lt. Suprapto and the west. 5. Jalan Kyai Tapa and Hashim Ansari, KH connecting Grogol with Harmony. 6. Jalan Gunung Sahari, Kramat Kingdom, Salemba, Jatinegara, to Cawang. 7. Line Cideng, Jalan KH Mas Mansyur across Tanah Abang, go to Jalan Prof Dr. Satrio and Cassablanca to Kampung Melayu. odd-even rule is not applied for 24 hours only from 06:00 am until 20:00 pm Monday-Friday. The system also does not apply to public transport and freight transport.